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Collect and process time sheets and clock cards

1. Prepare payroll input such as:

  • Overtime
  • Leave
  • Termination of employment
  • New employees
  • Deductions

2. Conduct final processing of payroll and printing of pay slips.
3. Transfer salaries into bank accounts and/or prepare pay slips.
4. Print/provide management reports for accounting purposes and management data.
5. Provide payments to all salary related companies such as:
6. Medical Aid Funds
7. Receiver of Revenue
8. Process IRP5 forms and related reports.
9. Advice on structuring tax, efficient salary packages.
10. Conduct accurate salary deductions and timeous payment of taxes to the Receiver of Revenue.
11. Reconcile PAYE paid to the Receiver of Revenue and the printing and issuing of IRP5 forms to employees.
12. Prepare reports as per income tax law specifications.
13. WCA Reporting
14. Assist in budgeting for next financial year with regards to salary and benefit increases

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